Betsy Handbag

Betsy Handbag


Introducing the Betsy Handbag. Genuine flexible leather handles with a 3 pocket lining that can be flipped out and scrubbed in the sink. Our handbags were designed to fit your busy (and sometimes messy) life. This handbag contains no cardboard so it can get wet without wrinkling and is made with the highest quality nylon and leather for durability. That means you can bring it to the beach, carry it on a riverside picnic or let your cannon ball splash it at the lake without any problems.

  • Size: Body- 11”x13”, Handles- 9”

  • Material: Nylon/Leather.

  • Lined and zipper feature included.

  • Color: Navy.

  • Import.


We have been on the hunt for an easy-to-wash bag with pockets that can be scrubbed for over 6 years. After losing a lot of money to cheap remakes, less than stellar storage, and not so cute patterns, we decided to make our own. We guarantee you will be happy with the durability of this beautifully classic bag.

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